About AirCast

Trust and Technology

For more than 30 years, medical professionals worldwide have depended on Aircast for technological breakthroughs in patient care. Rooted in scientific methods, each Aircast product is developed using the concept of “functional management.” Aircast set a new standard of care for sprains and other injuries with patented technology and the use of graduated pneumatic compression.

Aircast’s efficient, anatomically designed range of braces, cold and vascular therapies have builta firm reputation for clinically proven efficiency, reliability and innovative product development. The lightweight, yet efficient and strong designs behind the clinically proven walking and ankle braces offer immediate relief and support for a quick recovery and – combined with cold therapy – a total solution to optimize healing.
Extending Aircast’s ability to support efficient patient recovery is a sophisticated vascular compression pump anatomically designed to prevent and treat venous disorders. By adding anti-embolism stockings and compression hosiery to its portfolio, Aircast offers a complete vascular product range.